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Stately homes

  1. Ref: 15425

    Lullingstone Castle: 

    The beautiful interiors of Lullingstone castle, featuring a grand entrance hall and plenty of wood panelled rooms. 

    Location 15425 Location 15425 Location 15425
  2. Ref: 15424

    Lullingstone Castle: 

    Wonderful exteriors of Lullingstone Castle showcasing the manor and castle like gatehouse. 

    Location 15424 Location 15424 Location 15424
  3. Ref: 15320

    Aldermaston Court: 

    The interiors of Aldermaston court with a fantastic wood panelled reception and various rooms on the ground floor. 

    Location 15320 Location 15320 Location 15320
  4. Ref: 14899

    Tring Park Mansion:

    A former Rothschild residence, Tring Park features ornate interiors, impressive sweeping staircases & contrasting modern studios.

    Location 14899 Location 14899 Location 14899
  5. Ref: 14174

    The exterior of a beautiful 17th century former royal residence, flanked by two rows of colonnades and surrounded by green parkland. The interiors will be available for filming in October 2016.
    Location 14174 Location 14174 Location 14174
  6. Ref: 13573

    Beautifully decorated stately home set in 10 acres of landscaped gardens. SN6

    Location 13573 Location 13573 Location 13573
  7. Ref: 12901

    Boughton Stately Home:

    A 1000 acre estate with magnificent stately home surrounded by manicured gardens and stables with exquisite interiors with traditional furnishings. Includes a derelict wing and a World War Two airfield.

    Location 12901 Location 12901 Location 12901
  8. Ref: 11939


    See 11937 for an Overview listing of Langleybury Mansion and School

    Location 11939 Location 11939 Location 11939
  9. Ref: 11937


    Location 11937 Location 11937 Location 11937
  10. Ref: 11178

    A stunning traditional country estate with extensive grounds.

    Location 11178 Location 11178 Location 11178