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Subterranean Spaces

  1. Ref: 14554

    Frogmore Paper Mill:

    Large vacant period industrial space complete with a range of machinery, derelict spaces, fantastic period industrial features, and also featuring a private wharf.

    Location 14554 Location 14554 Location 14554
  2. Ref: 14551

    Frogmore Paper Mill:

    Large vacant period industrial space complete with a range of period industrial and period non domestic and victorian domestic corridors. 

    Location 14551 Location 14551 Location 14551
  3. Ref: 14508

    Ascot Racecourse:
    An array of industrial, gritty and period service areas, including a controllable underpass and exterior controllable roads for stunts, many loading bays, a server room and period tiled corridor. 

    Location 14508 Location 14508 Location 14508
  4. Ref: 14407

    Emmanuel Centre: Overview

    A beautiful Grade ll Listed building located in the heart of Westminster. Incredibly film-friendly and accessible, this Evangelical church features a breath-taking auditorium, two event halls, period corridors and even the original 1920s washrooms.


    Location 14407 Location 14407 Location 14407
  5. Ref: 14173

    A 17th century observatory museum set at the top of Greenwich Park with spectacular views of London. Features giant telescopes, a fantastic period courtyard and a contemporary planetarium.

    Location 14173 Location 14173 Location 14173
  6. Ref: 14046

    The basements and backstage areas.

    Location 14046 Location 14046 Location 14046
  7. Ref: 13627

    Victorian Bath House: Overview

    Quirky and unique underground bar/restaurant space with original Moorish tiles and ornate detailing.


    Location 13627 Location 13627 Location 13627
  8. Ref: 13276

    National Audit Office:

    Ultra-modern office with chic reception and communal areas available for weekend filming.

    Location 13276 Location 13276 Location 13276
  9. Ref: 13033

    Goldsmiths Hall: Interiors

    A spectacular Grade I listed building in the heart of the City, featuring a grand split stairwell and fantastic halls with opulent decor, as well as lavish bathrooms and a residential room on the top floor.


    Location 13033 Location 13033 Location 13033
  10. Ref: 12968

    Fort Amherst:

    Atmospheric underground tunnels, both brick and stone, featuring military bunkers and derelict buildings.

    Location 12968 Location 12968 Location 12968