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Warehouses with offices

  1. Ref: 14757

    An attractive converted Victorian ragged school with a large car park and large office and hall

    Location 14757 Location 14757 Location 14757
  2. Ref: 14692

    50 000 sq ft decommissioned warehouse space, industrial interiors and exteriors with ample parking

    Location 14692 Location 14692 Location 14692
  3. Ref: 14284

    Fantastic alternative set-build space with functioning and recently renovated production offices available for hire.

    Location 14284 Location 14284 Location 14284
  4. Ref: 13443

    13, 000 sqft of pillar less set-build space with over 30ft height clearance, and onsite production offices.  Positioned just West of the M25 Henley Hangar is the perfect production base for TV dramas or Films. 

    Location 13443 Location 13443 Location 13443
  5. Ref: 12993

    Vacant college campus with a huge array of spaces including two art deco staircases, numerous municipal corridors, large halls of various decorative style, industrial cityscapes, underground carpark, and a huge vacant 1970s office block.

    Location 12993 Location 12993 Location 12993
  6. Ref: 12528



    Location 12528 Location 12528 Location 12528
  7. Ref: 11484

    An incredible ONE MILLION sq ft of pillarless studio space in an iconic riverside Docklands site

    Location 11484 Location 11484 Location 11484