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  1. Ref: 15357

    An overview of Buckinghamshire New University, split across three campuses in High Wycombe, Uxbridge & Aylesbury. Multiple film areas including a hospital double and University campus. 

    Location 15357 Location 15357 Location 15357
  2. Ref: 15356

    New build with bright atrium spaces and industrial looking vacant spaces. 

    Location 15356 Location 15356 Location 15356
  3. Ref: 15355

    Medical facility with modern bright wards and operating theatres, alongside a library, lobby and reception.

    Location 15355 Location 15355 Location 15355
  4. Ref: 15354

    Expansive working educational building with filmable university areas.

    Location 15354 Location 15354 Location 15354
  5. Ref: 15353

    Expansive and modern educational building with brutalist influences, just outside M25. Lots of filmable areas, including sports facilities and a wellbeing centre . 

    Location 15353 Location 15353 Location 15353
  6. Ref: 15351

    The Medical Suite at Bucks New Uni - High Wycombe Campus. The teaching room can be split in two or opened up into one larger room or 'ward' with 8 beds and plenty of room for more equipment.

    Location 15351 Location 15351 Location 15351
  7. Ref: 15340

    A vacant period hospital space, with a gallery level overlooking the floor below. Includes original features dating back to the late 1800s.

    Location 15340 Location 15340 Location 15340
  8. Ref: 15315

    A bright, modern flat with period features and an open plan kitchen.

    Location 15315 Location 15315 Location 15315
  9. Ref: 15304

    A vacant modern office floor in 338 Euston Road at Regent's Place, available for mid-week filming. 

    Location 15304 Location 15304 Location 15304
  10. Ref: 15301

    The impressive atrium and exchange floor at Regent's Place. 

    Location 15301 Location 15301 Location 15301