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  1. Ref: 15574

    The Monster Building:

    175,000sqft of factory space across 10 floors with a mixture of period industrial features, tiled floors and plant.

    Location 15574 Location 15574 Location 15574
  2. Ref: 15573

    The Monster Building:

    55,000 sqft / 29-32ft height industrial warehouse with pillarless footprints of 4 x 13,000 sq ft. PLUS extensive ancillary workshop space, production offices and unit basing.

    Location 15573 Location 15573 Location 15573
  3. Ref: 15572

    The Monster Building:

    Atmospheric labyrinth of serviceable basements with lockable ancillary space for storage.

    Location 15572 Location 15572 Location 15572
  4. Ref: 15571

    The Monster Building:

    Two industrial rooftops - one clear and one with plant and a mixture of both expansive generic and London views.

    Location 15571 Location 15571 Location 15571
  5. Ref: 15570

    The Monster Building:

    Variety of stunning, large scale contemporary and period industrial backdrops.

    Location 15570 Location 15570 Location 15570
  6. Ref: 15569

    The Monster Building:

    Vast industrial & vacant multi-site in Ealing offering multi-level exteriors, period & contemporary factory space, up to 55,000 sq ft of build space, up to 16,000sq ft of furnished office space & unit basing on site.

    Location 15569 Location 15569 Location 15569
  7. Ref: 15563

    Former Canterbury Prison:

    4 floors of prison wings within vacant Victorian prison, situated just outside the M25.

    Location 15563 Location 15563 Location 15563
  8. Ref: 15562

    Former Canterbury Prison:

    Vacant admin block with period feel and office double potential, within vacant prison situated just outside the M25.

    Location 15562 Location 15562 Location 15562
  9. Ref: 15561

    Former Canterbury Prison:

    Victorian prison exteriors including barbed wire walls, excercise yard and ancillary workshop's, within vacant prison situated just outside the M25.

    Location 15561 Location 15561 Location 15561
  10. Ref: 15560

    Former Canterbury Prison:

    Privately owned vacant prison located outside the M25 with original Victorian and contemporary features.

    Location 15560 Location 15560 Location 15560