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  1. Ref: 15133

    The original pump house at Crossness, housing the four original pumps over three floors. 

    Location 15133 Location 15133 Location 15133
  2. Ref: 15124

    Areas available adjacent to Arena MK for use as dressing rooms, green rooms & costume. 

    Location 15124 Location 15124 Location 15124
  3. Ref: 15123

    The 2,430m2 exhibition hall with ground floor vehicle access and various balcony areas.  

    Location 15123 Location 15123 Location 15123
  4. Ref: 15122

    Exterior areas of Arena MK with plenty of hard standing for unit base parking. 

    Location 15122 Location 15122 Location 15122
  5. Ref: 15121

    Situated next to the MK Dons Stadium, Arena MK has an exhibition hall with ground floor vehicle access and plenty of ancillary spaces for production. 

    Location 15121 Location 15121 Location 15121
  6. Ref: 15115

    First floor of Rowfant house with original wood beams, fireplaces and wooden straircases. 

    Location 15115 Location 15115 Location 15115
  7. Ref: 15114

    Ground floor of Rowfant House, including wood panelled walls and a selection of rooms suitable for dressing and views out to the grounds.  

    Location 15114 Location 15114 Location 15114
  8. Ref: 15113

    Beautiful gardens and exteriors or Rowfant House, with driveways leading up to the property and a selection of wooded areas and views of the house. 

    Location 15113 Location 15113 Location 15113
  9. Ref: 15112

    A beautiful manor house built in the 15th century featuring a selection of wood panelled rooms. Rowfant is also surrounded by 22 acres of land including a lake and woodlands. 

    Location 15112 Location 15112 Location 15112
  10. Ref: 15106

    Outbuildings at St Ann's with controllable cobble streets. 

    Location 15106 Location 15106 Location 15106