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  1. Ref: 15340

    A vacant period hospital space, with a gallery level overlooking the floor below. Includes original features dating back to the late 1800s.

    Location 15340 Location 15340 Location 15340
  2. Ref: 15330

    The out building at Aldermaston Court contans various sports facilities as well as a sauna room and an old bar. 

    Location 15330 Location 15330 Location 15330
  3. Ref: 15329

    The rooftop of Portland Head Quarters looking out on to the grounds of Aldermaston Park. 

    Location 15329 Location 15329 Location 15329
  4. Ref: 15328

    Incredible service areas at Portland Head Quarters with drive in spaces and plant rooms. 

    Location 15328 Location 15328 Location 15328
  5. Ref: 15327

    Offices at Portland Head Quarters, offering a variety of open plan offices spaces as well as smaller boardrooms and interesting views over Aldermaston Park. 

    Location 15327 Location 15327 Location 15327
  6. Ref: 15326

    Beautiful concrete atriums of Portland Head Quarters. 

    Location 15326 Location 15326 Location 15326
  7. Ref: 15325

    The striking brutalist exteriors of Portland Head Quarters. 

    Location 15325 Location 15325 Location 15325
  8. Ref: 15324

    The grounds surrounding Portland Head Quarters consisiting of parkland, woodland and a large lake which the HQ looks over. 

    Location 15324 Location 15324 Location 15324
  9. Ref: 15323

    Portland Head Quarters forms part of Aldermaston Park and sits next to Aldermaston Court. Offering incredible brutalist exteriors and an amazing selection of interiors.

    Location 15323 Location 15323 Location 15323
  10. Ref: 15322

    The upper floor of Aldermaston Court with countless interesting spaces and stairwells available for filming. 

    Location 15322 Location 15322 Location 15322