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Location of the Month: Croxley Green Business Park

Croxley Green Business Park

Situated just over 20 miles from central London, Croxley Green Business Park is an impressive and unique site. With an over-whelming selection of office space, municipal buildings, commercial units, an impressive atrium and an expansive white sleek warehouse space Croxley Green is an incredibly flexible and versatile site that would make great film location in its own right and also work wonders as a unit base for every size and scale of production.

Atriums & Reception Areas

Croxley’s appeal is in the variety of buildings & styles of locations that are available on the one site. Take for instance the selection of office / hotel style reception areas that are available which, whilst all are modernised, are contrasting in style. Ranging from a fabulously sleek, glass panelled high-end office atrium (unit 7) to more traditional hotel style lobbies with a hint of American design (unit 3).


If you are interested in offices then Croxley Green Business Park without a doubt warrants your attention. Rife with office space, this site has an abundance of various office units that span all sizes, periods, states of dress and décor and include both expansive clear spaces and smaller glass-partitioned floors. All are in excellent condition and would lend themselves very well to be tailored to any production.

Stark Spaces & Warehouse Units

Unit 7 is a stark and minimalist white-walled space with an idiosyncratic mental-panelled floor. The warehouse unit at Croxley is periodically vacant and with a 26,000sqft clean and pillarless space combined with ample parking, this is a rare gem that is ideal for set builds. THE WAREHOUSE HOWEVER IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR HIRES WITH A 6 WEEK MINIMAL HIRE.


Croxley Green Business Park has a great selection of communal areas, municipal buildings, manicured grounds and on-site parking that can accommodate a full unit and provide access to all buildings. This varied site is incredibly film friendly and will consider all sizes, scales and types of productions.