Location of the month, January 2012: Goldsmiths Hall

Welcome to 2012! Beginning the new year with a sparkle, we are very pleased to announce our January location of the month - Goldsmiths Hall.

An exclusive London livery hall, Goldsmiths offers grand suites, split staircases, wood-panelled dining rooms, and many more treasures on top - all adorned with an ornate detail that gives off a high-end palatial feel.

But we have not been blinded by the bling! Goldsmiths also houses some great practical filming space, including residential-style living areas, bedrooms, corridors, plus a superb atmospheric bunker and a labrinth of rooftop space perfect for an action sequence or two...


Heritage Rooms

The Goldsmith's Company received its first Royal Charter in 1327 and this hall is the third incarnation of the building on this site. This location is steeped in history and the interiors show grandness and prestige to a level rarely accessible in London.

There are several heritage areas at Goldmsith's Hall, each one spectacular in it's own unique way. Several of these areas such as the Livery Hall could easily double as a palace interior owned by the most opulent of sovereigns; from an 18th Century Russian Tsar's palace to modern day Buckingham Palace.

Grand Stairwell and Other Interiors

In conjunction with the sumptuous heritage areas of Goldsmith's Hall are other spaces that are more functional. There are upstairs apartments that members use when staying overnight in the City. The rooms are simple but comfortable and include a breakfast room that makes the space perfect for production dressing and green rooms (or even money-saving filming areas for a quick contrasting scene). The other areas include a more modern looking basement level and the most luxurious of member bathrooms.


Goldsmith's Hall was designed by the renowned architect Philip Hardwick and it retains most of it's original features. A subsequent refurbishment in the 90's makes this building a monument to British history, longevity and design. The Hall is not the only backdrop available, there is a quiet sunken garden opposite in the middle of the City also accessible for filming and photography.

Nb. Parking limited onsite for around 5 vehicles.


In addition to the fantastic interiors and beautiful external architecture, the rooftops of Goldsmith's Hall are readily available to productions. The rooftops provide spectacular vistas of London's bustling Square Mile and any production looking to exploit London's iconic skyline should visit Goldsmith's and take in the view for themselves.

Get in touch...

Goldsmiths Hall is situated just off London Wall, less than 5 minutes from Moorgate Station.

Even though the location is steeped in history the following modern amenities are available:

  • Power, broadband, water and toilet facilities onsite
  • Dressing and green rooms (upstairs members flat)
  • At an additonal cost to the production, helpful staff from the wonderful Goldsmiths facilities team can be can be on hand to work their magic!
  • Small parking area outside with enough space for approximately 5 vehicles

We have availability for Goldsmiths Hall over the next couple of months, with many free weekend dates over February, March, and April - weekdays can be approached on a case by case basis, though dates are often free.

You can only book through The Collective, so to find out more or to arrange a site visit, please get in touch with Janie Richardson on 0207 284 8901 or email Janie@location-collective.co.uk