Location of the month, July 2011- City Of Westminster College, Paddington

City of Westminster College is a great example of an ultra-modern, highly designed educational building. The college looks more like a hi-tech research facility than an everyday college and this is what sets it apart from other similar types of location.

  • Situated just 1.5 miles from Central London.
  • Power, water and internet all available.
  • Parking for a drama sized unit base.
  • Toilet facilities available onsite.
  • Filming only available during weekends and non-term time.


The atrium at Westminster College is an example of breath-taking design coupled with sheer scale. The space is vast with the intention of cutting through the building so it shows a cross section of all the different levels. There is fantastic light, height and depth; this is truly the dynamic heart of the building and the college.

Other Areas

The other spaces at Westminster College are what you would expect from an educational facility but they are all highly designed and in keeping with the ultra-modern spec that runs through the building.

  • Glass fronted offices and meeting rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Laboratories
  • Sports hall and gymnasium
  • Outdoor seating areas
  • Theatre
  •  Library
  • Break out areas


The ultra modern exteriors at Westminster College contrast sharply with it's surroundings. The slanted design of the building is unique and the roof top terrace gives breath taking views of London.

The City of Westminster College is one of the most stirking buildings you will find anywhere in London. Not only is it a great example of a modern educational facility with all the expected spaces within that category, it can also double as various other things namely a hi-tech research facility or premium office space.


If you would like to visit this fantastic and unique location then please feel free to contact Rebecca Snook who is the account manager for City of Westminster College, on 0207 284 8904 or alternatively email at rebecca@location-collective.co.uk