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The Collective is delighted to announce an exclusive agreement with Makin Movies Location Support, whereby Collective members receive a 15% discount on ratecard prices for all vehicles and equipment hired through Makin Movies.  This discount is only available to Collective members.

 "With his logistical know-how, Nick Waldron and his team make films happen! From marquees to pick-up rental, Makin Movies provides the British film and television industry with a truly comprehensive service. Makin Movies is an industry leader and its position as the number one supplier of equipment and personnel is richly deserved."

Sam Breckman, Location Manager, The Da Vinci Code

To claim your discount, simply mention that you are a Collective member when placing your hire order. Makin Movies will call us to verify your membership and, when processing your invoice, will apply your 15% Collective discount. Click here for a comprehensive list of all vehicles and equipment available to hire from Makin Movies.

Wardrobe Base

"Makin Movies is the ultimate "Get Out of Jail" Card for Location Managers and Production Managers. They are that secret Unit Manager you didn't budget for. Based on the doorstep of Pinewood Studios and prepared to service your base camp, set or location either at the studios, throughout the UK and internationally, if required.

Be it a make-up mirror or floodlight at the studio, or a fully functional marquee for a 1000 crowd, plugged in and ready to go on location, the Makin Movies team have the kit, knowledge and manpower to make it happen.

Don't say 'turnover' without their number in your mobile phone memory!"

Jeremy Johns, Unit Production Manager, Quantum of Solace

Unit Base - Alice In Wonderland