Collective Membership Benefits

General Ethos

The Collective strives to enable location managers to help themselves and each other, both financially and operationally.  The ongoing development of our support services relies on the contribution of all members, and with over 1500 years of collective knowledge and experience we have become a formidable source of industry information. 

It is our objective to work with industry organisations to enable dialogue and enhance the relationship between locations personnel and all linked roles within the industry.  With our membership currently standing at almost 200 location industry professionals (and likely to grow considerably over the course of the next year) we intend to represent the location manager's voice and contribute to the continuous improvement of standards in location management.

Members' Commission

Our location database is the amalgamation of nearly 200 location manager members' individual location portfolios. Members of The Collective can submit as many locations as they like for inclusion in our online location library. 

Our website receives thousands of visits every month from affluent, high profile productions from every sector of the location industry - feature films, television, promos, corporate (and through our sister companies and photgraphy). 

For special locations with considerable filming appeal, we create devoted marketing emails targeted at our entire location manager membership as well as relevant producers, production managers and production companies interested in learning about your location.

Any time a location submitted by you is hired, you receive 25% of our commission. You can submit as many locations as you like.  This structure allows you to give your bank balance a real boost!  Find out more about payment and fees by clicking here.

Job Opportunities


A major membership benefit is our free CV listing and job opportunity service.

For no fee you have the opportunity to send in your CV and whenever we have an enquiry for a location scout, location manager or unit manager, we inform all members at the same time by email.

We then pass on the CVs of all respondents directly to the hiring production. We ask for no commission for this service from either side.

In the past 12 months we circulated over 200 employment opportunities to our members as a totally free service.

Since we began the service, we have advertised over 600 jobs and as a result created hundreds of new connections between location managers, production companies and producers.

Get in touch to be given details on how to become a part of this service.


The Collective Discount

The Collective is delighted to have in place an exclusive agreement with Makin Movies Location Support, whereby Collective members receive a 15% discount on ratecard prices for all vehicles and equipment hired through Makin Movies. This discount is only available to Collective members.  Click here for more information...

Members also receive a discounted rate on services offered by Riverside Environmental, including surveying and sampling for location issues like Asbestos, Noise, Dust and many others.  More information here...


The Watercooler and Online Forum

The ‘Watercooler’ is where you can pose questions and ask for advice from within the membership on varied but unquantifiable problems. This service acts as an emergency service when, as a location manager, you are blindsided and need a solution to a problem quickly.

This free service is there to assist all members in their day-to-day roles in the most efficient manor possible. It is highly likely that another member has solved either the exact same or a comparable problem, and can offer useful advice to the member seeking assistance.

We send these "calls to action" directly to every location manager and pass the responses on to the relevant member.  We have also introduced an online forum for members - this is a great platform for discussion, debate, requests and suggestions. 

Unit Base Database

Our online unit base database is exclusively for members' use and is free to use, enabling you to find all available film unit parking facilities within a given radius of any London postcode.

This service is an invaluable tool for location managers.  At this moment the database contains hundreds of unit bases, with members adding new unit base details all the time.  As with all of our resources, the strength of the database is derived from the constantly expanding collective knowledge and experience of our location manager members.

Networking Events

Through our close partnership with The Production Guild, we are able to offer our members reserved spaces at the numerous events and seminars they host and co-host. This is great opportunity to network, catch-up with industry gossip, or meet up with colleagues. 

Interested in joining The Collective?

If you're a location manager and interested in finding out more about Collective membership, click here to get in touch or call Company Director Antony Iredale on 0203 7733 701.  Collective members don't pay library fees for hires from our location library and membership is free, as is access to all the benefits listed above!

Membership is free and always will be...

Call 0207 284 8910 for further details