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Exclusive New M25 Mega-Location: RAF West Drayton

One-stop set shop, self-contained location village; call it what you want - RAF West Drayton is our latest multi-site, a 32 acre behemoth offering a staggering range of rich, versatile, off-the-shelf filming backdrops and a full complement of set-build, storage and office areas fit to service productions of all sizes.

We're delighted to have secured exclusive representation of this location and look forward to showing you around.

Cold War Military Facility | Industrial Spaces | Set-Build and Doubles | Offices, Corridors and more... | Visit RAF West Drayton

Cold War Military Facility

Situated east of Iver inside the M25, half an hour's drive from central London, RAF West Drayton is a former military air traffic monitoring centre, and there's a strong Cold War feel to many areas, thanks to some of the military facility features:

  • East Berlin checkpoint barrier and guardhouse
  • stark concrete-panelled exteriors
  • striking nuclear bunker rooms
  • superbly atmospheric 1950s period control room

Industrial Spaces

Sprawling plant rooms, elephantine turbine generators, miles of sleek aluminium air ducts snaking overhead, wheel valves, emergency lighting and klaxons - these industrial areas are spectacular backdrops, suitable for a wide range of genres, lending themselves most obviously to feature film and TV thrillers. 

Set-Build and Doubles

In addition to these atmospheric genre features, RAF West Drayton offers 32,500sqft of triple height set-build space and a multitude of readymade "doubles" backdrops, including:

  • police station interiors
  • hospital corridors and wards
  • school workshops and labs
  • prison exteriors

Offices, Corridors and more...

The site also contains a wide range of office spaces, corridors, canteens, kitchens and much, much more, all in an excellent condition and immediately available for filming.

Visit RAF West Drayton

RAF West Drayton is exclusively available through The Collective.

To explore the site in more detail, check out the library listings in full.

To visit the site for familiarisation purposes, or to arrange a recce:

Janie on 0207 284 8901 / janie@location-collective.co.uk

Lottie on 0207 284 8903 / lottie@location-collective.co.uk.

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