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Testimonials from property owners...

"I registered our property with The Collective and was astonished as to how much interest we received in it - ranging from photo shoots for just a couple of hours, to a film which was spread over several weeks.

I found The Collective to be exceptionally professional and considerate knowing that I have a young family, and they always gave me sufficient notice to arrange for people to visit the site. Once filming was underway, this professionalism continued with the location agents working together with those using the property. Consideration was certainly addressed towards the neighbourhood and to the property itself, especially once filming had finished, where litter and debris remaining afterwards was quickly addressed and removed.

I am delighted to be approached by The Collective anytime"

Lori Stafford, Location Owner


"The staff at the Collective are unfailingly polite and really get the jobs in. The communication was very good as the staff sent concise emails describing everything and came back quickly with answers to questions. We told The Collective particular things to look out for with our property and they communicated that very well to the film crew. As a result, filming went very well - it was relaxed, and the crew even cleaned up afterwards!"

Fiona Ennis, Owner, location ref. 9324


"It was with trepidation that we decided to rent our house out for filming. It turned out that we started with a large project - a drama for Christmas which involved about 8 days work and took over most of the house. I turned to the staff at the Collective, especially Rebecca Snook, for guidance and reassurance as well as making sure we got a fair deal from the Production company. Having her at the end of the phone and readily available was so helpful when it came to sorting out any problems which arose (as they naturally do with such an enterprise). The issues seemed to be mainly around what the production company wanted and what we were willing to let them do (or not) in our home and garden. Once Rebecca had matched our two requirements, everything went smoothly. The filming was actually fun and interesting. The crew were extremely respectful and courteous and we did not have any problems at all. One aspect which helped that process was that Rebecca kept in close contact with the Production Manager who was at our house a lot, and this meant a smooth working relationship between us and the crew. When we had to move out at night because of the long filming schedule, the Collective made sure we were put up in a nice hotel! We would rent our house again following our positive experience with the Collective."

Katrina Taee, Owner, location ref. 9010

"The College has found working with The Collective a very positive and pleasurable experience. They have a good feel for a client’s needs as well as a good understanding of our particular facilities and our operational limitations, and have always ensured that the balance between College work and Filming is one that works well for both parties. They are very prompt and efficien in all their communications and always ensure that the appropriate paperwork is in place prior to the filming day.

Their knowledge of the film world, their feel for suitable hire rates, their advice on clients requirements - all these are invaluable to locations where filming is not the main business but rather an occasional source of revenue."

Walter Hand, Owner, location ref. 9612

"We have now been working with The Collective for some years and we felt it was time we complimented you on the service you have offered. We have also been most impressed with your courteous and prompt communications. The thing that has pleased us the most is that you have always been straight up front and have not offered us any misleading information, which has helped us to build trust and gives us a feeling of confidence that the filming companies you offer us are of repute and considerate in ensuring that the place has been left as they found it. We look forward to continued working together."

Irma Sarosh, Owner, location ref. 9544

"My husband was an actor, and always told me: 'Never let a film company into the house'. So it was with trepidation that, after he died, I allowed just such a thing to happen. But in fact, with The Collective looking after my interests, it has all proved a remarkably positive and highly remunerative experience. They have negotiated good fees for me, and ironed out any difficulties that have arisen and brought me bookings ranging from the BBC to Bollywood! It is an extremely interesting way to make one's expensive house work for one, and it is reassuring to have a reliable, efficient and sensitive agency as a go-between."

Meredith Daneman, Owner, location ref. 9548

"We bought Langelybury Mansion a Grade 2* listed building together with various redundant 1970 secondary school buildings in Summer 2007. The buildings are mainly empty and have been since then other than in certain areas where we use them for ancillary storage for our hotel businesses.

We decided that since we had little short-term need for them we should look at ways of bringing in as much incremental revenue as possible to help defray some of the holding and maintenance costs. We were approached by a number of different organizations offering a range of short-term solutions one of which was Antony Iredale and his team at The Collective. We decided to work with them on an exclusive basis and to promote what was a rather eclectic range of buildings to the film and music industry.

Given that the buildings are currently mainly surplus to requirements (whilst we wait to redevelop them) and we wanted to minimise the amount of management time spent looking after them we have been very fortunate to have been working with The Collective over the last few years. They have done an extremely good job, acting on our behalf and protecting us from the vagaries and inconsistencies inherent within the music and film production industries while bringing in a steady stream of income. They certainly have to work under tight and somewhat unreasonable deadlines imposed on them and manage to balance our needs, the needs of the production companies and the practical limitations of the site, safely, efficiently, politely and with good humour when necessary.

They have brought in a wide range of productions including 'One Day', 'St Trinians 2', 'Psychoville' 'Brighton Rock' and 'Late Bloomers' and brought in over £200,000 of work since 2008 when we first started working with them. They understand the risks of working in old buildings and the need to look after and protect any historical fabric and / or contents and are extremely vigilant in making sure production company employees do behave as they have been contracted to, which is not always easy. My impression is that they are well respected within what is an extremely fragmented industry and one which trust and word of mouth are of paramount importance."

C.Andrews, Director, Ralph Trustees Limited Ref 6504

"The experience that we have had working closely with The Collective over the past year has been excellent. The Collective are very organised and enable us to commercialise our facilities with as little disruption to our regular schedules as possible, taking away the stress of organisation, contracts and chasing payments.

Both Location Coordinators, Rebecca & Lottie, have been fantastic. As well as bringing in additional revenue into our facilities during quiet times, they also work hard to understand our aims and objectives and assist us when it comes to our students gaining valuable industry experience. Rebecca is extremely well organised, articulate, honest and has a real desire to make the relationship work. I thoroughly enjoy working alongside her and know that when things are left to Rebecca they get done.

The Collective’s understanding of the industry and the assistance we receive from them prior to a booking allows us to showcase our sites in the best light and when possible secure the booking. The partnership is very beneficial financially to both Bucks New University and to The Collective making it one I am sure we will continue going forward."

Liz Hughes, Business Services Manager, Bucks New University ref 6481

This was a our first experience in allowing filming on one of our sites and at first were very anxious about the whole process but Lottie did a fantastic job guiding us through the whole process, from arranging site visits, contracts and monitoring the production companies while onsite. We have had some high profile filming on the site since the Collective have been marketing the site, for example “Spooks”, a Robbie Coltrane drama called “Murderland” and Jason Statham’s new film “Blitz”, all with large crews.

In some occasions we have had more then one production on the site at the same time, which has involved a lot of managing from Lottie at the Collective, but meant that we could maximise the revenue from the site. We have now starting the decommissioning of the site which has meant that the relationship between the demolition contractors, strip out contractors, remediation contractors and production companies has become even more important if we were to carry on with filming, we are currently filming on the site due to the efforts of The Collective.

I would highly recommend The Collective as a location agency and I have always received a high level of service from them, it have been a pleasure working with Lottie and Antony and I hope to find a few more sites in the future to instruct them on.

Pedro Longras, Senior Land Buyer, ref 4639

The Collective – specifically Janie Richardson has been marketing our site The Ram Brewery since May 2008. The Collective were hired to generate revenue from the wide collection of redundant brewery buildings until such time as they are redeveloped.

We saw results immediately after their appointment by way of a seven week hire agreement with the Channel 4 music show Transmission and they have just kept coming.

Janie also suggested that we have a ‘familiarisation day’ and invite anyone in the industry to come along and have a tour. The day was very successful and generated a lot of interest thus securing more location agreements. To date in excess of £350,000 has been generated in revenue through location filming via The Collective!

I have always found Janie and her colleagues to be very helpful, prompt, friendly, attentive and above all professional. I would have no doubt in recommending The Collective to anyone who was considering using their property for location filming.

Mark Cherry, Director, Minerva PLC Youngs Ram Brewery ref 3624

I was very happy with the way that Rebecca handled my recent booking for filming in my property. All aspects from the initial booking through to the day of filming and follow up were dealt with in an efficient and professional manner. Rebecca certainly made sure that my property was looked after, making sure that the crew were taking care to protect all areas that they were using. I felt there was no reason to worry as I was in capable hands! Everything ran smoothly and given the tight timeline between choosing the property and day of filming I was particularly impressed.

Karen Furze, Owner, location ref 4600


We have had a number of film and photographic crews on the Croxley Green Business Park over the last year or so and all has gone very smoothly. I thoroughly recommend the Collective, not only in terms of the number of enquiries they have put our way but, in terms of the swiftness and professionalism of their operation.

Simon Bateman, Greenhills Property Management 4471


"I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of The Collective. I have experienced first class service and excellent attention to detail as well as a friendly and helpful attitude. All the TV & Film clients that they have introduced have conducted themselves with great consideration whilst using my property and The Collective have ensured that the process went as smoothly as possible.

I look forward to working with them in the future"

N. Weyman, Owner, location ref. 1214

"I would like to congratulate Rebecca Snook for co-ordinating a shoot at my home in July. Our telephone conversations before, during and after three days' preparation and filming have been re-assuring, efficient, courteous and humorous.

Although at times there were a few anxieties, I knew that once Rebecca was aware of my concerns she would solve the problem, smooth out the difficulties, not panic and reach a satisfactory result. At all times I felt she had my interests as her priority. I have never met her but feel I know her and will trust her to secure further shoots for me through The Collective.  Well done, Rebecca and thanks!"

Susanna Rook, Owner, location ref. 1676


"Having been a commercials producer years ago, pre kids, I am very aware of what can I can’t go wrong when location filming. Having decided to see how letting my house out for shoots through The Collective I was delighted to find it an easy, stress free and efficient experience.

Sarah, who is my contact, has been nothing but helpful, considerate and on the ball. I trust her judgement completely and know that I can rely on her to respect my home as just that! I have no hesitations now in accepting any suitable job which she proposes as I know that she will not put my lovely home forward for anything which she thinks is not right for me.  Top class! Thanks."

Jo Lahyani, Owner, location ref. 3930


"Having had quite a lot of experience with filming in our home it was both a very pleasant surprise and relief to deal with Sarah from The Collectve. From start to finish she was efficient, adaptable and tuned in to the pros and cons of loaning your house to a film crew for a fortnightensuring that everything went happily for both sides!"

Jill Palmer, Owner, location ref. 186

"Never having been previously involved in the film location industry, I have been delighted with the support and advice given to me by The Collective.  We have a large site with many buildings to oversee and having large film crews take over the premises was quite daunting.  It has been quite a juggling act to fulfil the requests of film makers as well as preserving the integrity of our site but between us we have managed to accomplish this very well.

Whenever I leave messages or have concerns, Janie always responds as soon as she is able. Good, effective communication is a really crucial aspect of any business and I have always found Janie very proficient in this regard.

My company have been very satisfied with the high level of revenue generated by The Collective and also with the absolute assurance that any rubbish left behind in the wake of any event is competently dealt with to our satisfaction.

I can happily recommend The Collective as a location agency from a site manager's perspective and wish them well for the future. They deserve every success, with the dedication and amiability of the whole team.  We are looking forward to another very profitable year with them

Rosemarie Hammond, Estate Manager, location ref. 1806


"I really enjoyed my experience of working with The Collective - my contact was Lottie and she was fab; professional but fun, easy to talk to, great communicator - always returned calls quickly and sent clear emails.

The Collective contract was clear and easy to understand and generally all levels of communication were very good.  Lottie ensured that my property was well looked after and it was very obvious that if any damage was done it would be sorted out immediately.

I would say the level of service was excellent and The Collective were a pleasure to work with."

L. Garvie, Owner, location ref. 1205

"Very happy with the way Janie organised my contract for filming. She updated me regularly on progress before the shoot and ensured all my concerns were discussed with the location manager. The day of filming went very well, without any problems and I knew Janie was at the end of the phone if anything needed sorting out. Altogether The Collective provided a very good service."

S. Smith, Owner, location ref. 683

"We were recommended to The Collective by a location manager that has used us for filming regularly in the past. They have been marketing our office complex for over a year now and we are very pleased with how they go about their business.

Lottie is fantastic at organising everything from the site visit down to the contracts and through their endeavour and contact base we became the central police station location for the 2008 TV drama series of Lewis; filmed over a six month period. We are hopeful of their scheduled return in the summer of what should be a successful 2009."

M .Irvine, Estate Manager, location ref. 1170

The Collective began promoting our vacant missionary college in early 2008. Over the last year they have marketed the location for filming with significant success. We have had many site visits leading to five different filming projects hiring the place which we are extremely pleased with taking into account that the site doesn't even have water or electricity.

The Collective has generated over £40,000 in filming revenue and as I understand it there are a couple of other long term hires possibly in the pipeline. The Collective are great at creating this fantastic and unique revenue stream which helps in offsetting some of the maintenance and security costs. Both Lottie and Janie are a pleasure to deal with and are regular visitors to the college to make sure production companies leave the property as they found it. Keep up the good work!

Lloyd Simon, Portfolio Director, location ref. 1183 / 1187

"When Antony Iredale approached me in August 2007 to tell me he had set out on his own with The Collective I was happy to work with him again and am pleased to say that since making this decision I have not looked back. In the nearly two years The Collective has secured HDS Studios a considerable amount of revenue, which has been a godsend in offsetting the running costs of such a large site."

F. Khalid, Owner, location ref. 3311

'I recently registered my property with The Collective - I should have done it sooner; supportive, professional and understanding from start to finish."

B. Macleod, Manager, location ref. 3274