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Payment and fees

Library fee
You can search our database and make sites visits (recces) absolutely free of charge. When you do decide you would like to hire a location we charge a library/administration fee; this fee is £295.

Hire fee
As the location agent we negotiate hire fees to ultimately get you the best possible deal. All our quotes include our commission.

Our standard commission is specific to the service we provide. As we are a Collective we offer our Members a royalty payment every time a location within their portfolio is hired, giving away 25% of our fee. 

*At no point can any member financially benefit from hiring a location from within their own portfolio.  This is a key clause in every member's contract.  We feel it is fair that location managers be rewarded for finding new properties with filming potential and for making them available to the industry as locations.  But we would never allow a member to benefit financially by hiring their own location.

Deposit / bond
We require a deposit in addition to the hire fee. The deposit figure is based on the logistics of the hire with the minimum deposit payment set at £400. This deposit is held to provide the location owner with a level of security and comfort against minor damages and overrun fees. We return the deposit as soon as we have received confirmation that the location is fully reinstated to the satisfaction of the owner and that any overrun fees have been settled.

Our Commission Policy

We are keen to clarify the company’s position and official policy on commission payments made to our members.

The Collective is made up of nearly 200 members (January 2014) who work as location managers, assistant location managers, locations scouts, unit managers and location assistants in the film and television industries.

We also have a wider pool of associate members who are not from the world of locations who regularly introduce properties to us but do not recieve the 'industry' benefits of membership

Our library of locations is made up uniquely of properties and venues that have been personally sourced or recommended by our members. This is a crucial factor as to why our library is continually evolving and expanding and most importantly – what sets us apart from other libraries. Being so vital to our business we offer all of our members a financial incentive to continue to bring these new and interesting locations to us.

For each and every hire that The Collective administer, we charge a standard commission based on the nature of the service we provide.

25% of our commission is paid directly to the member that originally recommended the location to the company. For more info on payment click here
At the beginning of the company, when submissions were made simultaneously, some locations were recommended by more than one member in which instance the 25% is shared equally between all the members within that group.

'Members hiring their own properties'

The key issue to clarify is that a member can never financially benefit from hiring one of their own properties through The Collective.

All members have signed a member’s agreement that explicitly states,

''5.4 You understand and accept that you are not permitted to financially benefit in any way from properties in your Portfolio hired by a Production Company with whom you are also in paid employment. Such restriction is only limited to the specific production you are engaged upon with the Production Company"

We are also keen to ensure that in addition to a contractual obligation, we are proactively seen to enforce this policy. Every quarter one member is elected to visit our office to review our invoice payments and allocated commission.

The member then reports in writing the the rest of the membership that the accounts for the quarter have been checked and cross-referenced and that each member has been allocated the right amount of commission.

All future quarterly checks will also validate clause 5.4 in addition to the allocation of commission from the invoices we raise, and all future comments will be noted on this page for full transparency.

I am also happy to answer any further questions you may have in relation to commission or any further aspect of The Collective and the service we offer both our members and the location industry in general.

‘The Collective Fund’

There is however a portfolio of locations that have not introduced to The Collective by any of its members. These locations have found their way on to our database by the location owners finding our website through a search engine and then sending in images and information directly to the company.

We do still give away 25% of our commission for hires administered into these locations but, because these have not been introduced to us by an individual member we cannot give the 25% to any one person and so the money is then put into something called ‘The Collective Fund’.

Over the course of a year The Collective Fund accumulates and at the end of each financial year (July) the location industry members are all asked what they would like to do with the money. They can either:
• Be paid their share which is the total amount divided by the number of members
• Put their share into a prize draw where the money is pooled together and one winner is drawn out at random to ‘win’ the total sum
• Donate their share of money to charity.