Picturehouse Cinemas

The Collective welcomes Picturehouse Cinemas

cinema film location london

We're extremely pleased to be joining forces with Picturehouse Cinemas in an exciting new partnership. Our two companies span the whole filmmaking process - from pre-production to screening - what better way of celebrating the wonderful world of film?

There are plenty of treats we have up our sleeves, but perhaps the best of all is the unlimited access we were given to every single Picturehouse site in London. And what's more, they are all available for filming now. Scroll down to see an overview of what's on offer, or head to the full location listings.

cinema film location london

Filming at the Picturehouse Cinema

We have been lucky enough to gain unlimited access to every Picturehouse site in London, and are pleased to introduce six varied filming locations to the market :

Ritzy Cinema, Brixton

Hackney Picturehouse

Greenwich Picturehouse

Stratford Picturehouse

Clapham Picturehouse

The Gate in Notting Hill

A major value of the Picturehouse culture is to keep each cinema individual - meaning there is an array of interesting, varied screen and event space on offer across all of the six sites. View the full film location listings for more detail.


Interested? Get in touch with our team now on 0203 7733 710 or email enquiries@location-collective.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

cinema film location london

A little bit about Picturehouse...

City Screen was formed in 1989 to provide cinemas that serve their communities in city centre locations. Picturehouse are now the leading independent cinema operator in the UK and their business model is very different from that of the multiplexes.

Independent, art-house and foreign-language films are central to the Picturehouse profile. Equally, each cinema is programmed in response to its local audience. Most of our venues have mainstream blockbusters and quality crossover titles in the mix, while cultural 'alternative content' drives through the programming.

The Picturehouse philosophy includes:

  • Building architecturally interesting cinemas in city centre locations.
  • Screening a wide range of features spanning art-house, independent, classic, documentary and world cinema films as well as Hollywood blockbusters. Programming is tailored to each cinema individually.
  • Hosting filmmaker Q&As, film festivals, premieres, themed seasons and specialised strands.
  • Embracing digital projection and satellite technology to pioneer alternative content programming, such as the live broadcast of productions from the New York Metropolitan Opera, Royal Opera House, Glyndebourne and the National Theatre, as well as the live transmission of film-related Q&As.
  • Providing cafe-bars as an integral part of the cinema-going experience.
  • Employing staff who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about film.
  • Providing printed programmes and online communications which inform, educate and encourage planned entertainment.
  • Running a cinema membership scheme and diverse clubs involving groups such as children, new parents and the elderly.
  • Generating and partnering on educational work and courses which develop appreciation and understanding of film.
  • Central to the Company philosophy is maintaining the individuality of each cinema.
cinema film location london

Upstairs at the Ritzy

cinema film location london

Upstairs at the Ritzy is the lovely bar and exciting venue above the Ritzy Cinema. They are open 7 nights a week and pride themselves on being a well-known & well-loved cultural hub for Brixton.

The Ritzy stage show-cases a consistently high standard of live music, from Reggae, Afro-beat & Vintage-Swing, to World-Jazz, Folk, Blues, Balkan & beyond! Plus they bring a monthly comedy feast, open mic, performance, workshops & all sorts of exciting group activities. Full menu served all day till 8.30pm – so there’s eats to be had too!


Hackney Attic

cinema film location london

As with all venues in the Picturehouse world, Hackney PH wouldn’t be complete without branching out a bit. We all obviously love film, but like most of you, we also like a bit of everything else too. This is where the Hackney Attic comes in... in this top floor haven; a home for those in-need a bit of recreational activity, London style.

Bringing you live bands and music from every genre and corner of the globe; Hackney Attic hosts festivals, cabaret, incredible live score events, spoken-word, DJ parties and short film nights as well as workshops, “London’s best” film quiz, and open-mic to keep your imagination satisfied (alongside anything else they think you should be involved in).