Is your property the next UK film location?


The major UK film locations come in all shapes and sizes - you never know what the director could be looking for so if you think your property has potential we would love to see it.

Please read some of the practical information below, and get in touch with one of our acuqusitions team to submit your property or ask any questions.


Our most frequently-used filming locations are those in and around the M25 as that is where 80% of UK production companies are based - but that doesn't mean to say we won't travel for the right location.


For a film shoot your location will need to be large enough to accommodate crew, cast and equipment (and that's behind the scene shot). Stills shoots, however, can be done in smaller locations.


Productions will virtually always need to park at least a generator directly outside the location, and will also need easy access for equipment. Other than that, they can usually find a unit base quite near by.


Ensure that you have the authority to permit access to your property for commercial purposes. If their production is jeopardized because you are not legally authorised to grant access you may be personally liable for damages.


It's hard to say what the timescales will be as they tend to run on a case-by-case basis. Our team will always be on hand to discuss individual shoots and answer any questions you might have.

We also ask that we can contact you easily, so please provide us with as many contact details as possible as you never know when the next job will pop up.