What is a location library?

Location Libraries

Location libraries or location databases are collections of images and reference information, usually numbered or coded and categorised by location type, building genre or geographical location.  The Collective Location Library has introduced a postcode search facility which enables you to refine your search options within a given radius of any London postcode.  Try it here...

Many location libraries also additional services like administrating the location hire and creating contracts between the production company and location owner. Many location libraries offer location scouting services.  Location scouts are paid to travel around a given area to find a location that matches the brief supplied by the production company, and which fits the budget for the shoot. 

Some location libraries specialise in a particular type of location whilst others offer a wide range of locations, including commercial and office spaces, industrial and warehouse locations, retail and entertainment, stately homes and country manors and many more. 

The Collective has a huge variety of locations, carefully and logically categorised, and searchable by a variety of specifications, including building style and geographical location.  The difference between our location library and the others on the market is that the majority of ours are submitted to us by our membership - 111 location managers with hundreds of years of experience between them.  Because our members earn a share of the commission for each hire of a location from their portfolio, they keep adding new locations to the database.  So we have a constant supply of fresh, original locations, identified by locations professionals as possessing the necessary aesthetic and practical qualities for a film or photographic location.

You can search our extensive online library here...